This policy is guided by COVID-19 Guidance Document for Retirement Homes in Ontario with adaptations made based on the nature of Martindale Place and it’s different types of accommodations. This policy will continue to be reassessed and revised based on provincial guidelines.

Martindale Place is an Independent Living facility with different types of accommodations.  Resident and staff safety will continue to be our top priority. This policy is based on the principles of safety, emotional well-being, equitable access, flexibility and autonomy.

Visitors have a crucial role to play in reducing risk of infection for the safety of residents and staff by adhering to visitor policy requirements related to screening, IPAC and PPE and any precautions described in this policy. 

Flexibilities for absences and activities reflect both the high rates of COVID-19 immunization as well as the protective effect that immunizations have had on the number of COVID- 19 cases and outbreaks in senior’s communities. This update reflects the evidence available so far across Canada and abroad and is subject to change as the knowledge of COVID-19 and vaccines evolves.

All visitors will be asked to adhere to the requirements set out in this policy to ensure the safety of all residents, staff and visitors, and allow for the continuity of visits that support the mental, physical and spiritual needs of residents for their quality of life.